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Bursary Awards 2021

The CEU is proud to offer an annual bursary program in support of our members and their close relatives. This year the total amount available in the 2021 bursary fund was $7500. Individual bursary award amounts were varied, depending on the marks given each essay by members of the Bursary Committee.


To be eligible for a bursary award, the applicant must be a student who meets the entrance requirements for their first year of studies at a post-secondary institution. Each bursary applicant was asked to submit a two-part essay which was judged by the CEU Bursary Committee.

This year, applicants were asked to profile an individual currently involved with a union or a labour organization and the second part of the submission was to write an essay about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the public’s understanding of who is considered an essential worker.

  Award Recipient  CEU Member
 Solange Saucier  Julie Saucier
Julian BurtonCandice Burton
Abby SinclairKaty Sinclair
Gabriella TorrieDavid Torrie
Maggie BurwashSarah Stelter
Alexis FriedelLorraine Friedel
Olivia BrennanMichael Brennan
Sarah WongLiza Wong
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