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What We Do

The Compensation Employees’ Union acts as the exclusive bargaining agent of approximately 3,000 Workers at Workers’ Compensation Board offices across BC. As such, we bargain collectively with the public sector Employer to renew the Provincial Collective Agreement on behalf of our Members every 3-5 years.

We represent our Members on individual and policy workplace grievances, including matters such as: discipline; performance management; job evaluation and classification; duty to accommodate; probationary release; the interpretation of clauses affecting the entire Membership etc.

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How Our Members Benefit

The Union provides robust representation in every round of Collective Agreement negotiations. Members receive transparent employment rights without the need for them to individually negotiate the terms of their employment contract with the Employer, and benefit from a comprehensive Extended Health and Dental Benefits Plan.

The Union stands up for members when the interpretation of the articles in the Collective Agreement are in dispute. There are also distinct financial benefits of Union membership.

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CEU History

The Workmen’s Compensation Board Employees’ Union started out as an association in 1970, but in our heart, we wanted to unionize. Luckily, 1972 saw a change to a more labour friendly Barrett government and anticipating changes to the Labour Code, we started organizing our co-workers. By December 1972, over 50 percent of the potential members had signed up to unionize and we made an application to the B.C. Labour Relations Board.

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CEU Values, Mission & Goals

The Compensation Employees’ Union’s strength is its engaged, diverse and united membership, supported by a forward-looking, renewed and dedicated executive and steward team.  We work vigilantly for an effective, public Worker’s Compensation Board, committed to rewarding jobs and respectful workplace relations. We care actively for one another. We act in solidarity with others seeking fairness and social justice.

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