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Our Values

  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

Mission Statement

The Compensation Employees’ Union’s strength is its engaged, diverse and united membership, supported by a forward-looking, renewed and dedicated executive and steward team.  We work vigilantly for an effective, public Worker’s Compensation Board, committed to rewarding jobs and respectful workplace relations. We care actively for one another. We act in solidarity with others seeking fairness and social justice.

What are the Union’s Goals?

To defend your rights, as contained in the current Collective Agreement; legislation; case law; the past practice of the Employer etc.

To advance those rights at every bargaining opportunity.

To negotiate and maintain superior paid sick time, Long-Term Disability benefits, extended health benefits and accommodation terms.

To reduce the workload of those offices, job classifications, and individuals who are overworked to the detriment of their health and job satisfaction.

To pressure the Employer to implement alternative work schedules and work-at-home provisions to improve our Members’ life-work balance.

To promote career advancement clauses and programs, such as In-Training opportunities, and back-up language so that our Members may advance and flourish at WCB.

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