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Work the Union Performs

The Compensation Employees’ Union acts as the exclusive bargaining agent of approximately 3,000 Workers at Workers’ Compensation Board offices across BC. As such, we bargain collectively with the public sector Employer to renew the Provincial Collective Agreement on behalf of our Members every 3-5 years. Broadly, we work daily to defend and promote our Members’ collective and individual interests.

We represent our Members on individual and policy workplace grievances, including matters such as: discipline; performance management; job evaluation and classification; duty to accommodate; probationary release; the interpretation of clauses affecting the entire Membership etc.

We provide and/or sponsor various annual educational sessions for our Members and Union Representatives.

We act collectively in the Labour Movement in BC and more widely on the National level through our involvement with organizations such as the BC Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress.

We participate in the Job Classification process by reviewing every new job description/position and ensuring the pay grade assigned to the role is in accordance with the Job Evaluation system and law.

We participate in employer hiring sessions as a neutral observer. We ensure the process is fair and unbiased.


Elected Union officials sit on a wide array of Joint Committees with the Employer to discuss and promote our Members’ interests on non-grievance issues, including: Workload; Harassment; Drug & Alcohol; Return to Work; Mental Health; OHS and more.

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Annual Events Calendar

The CEU leads member participation in various annual community social justice activities, such as:

  • April 28th: Day of Mourning
  • August: Pride Festival & Parade
  • September: Labour Day
  • December 6th: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

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Annual Bursary Program

The CEU maintains a bursary fund totaling $10,000, which is used to award a bursary annually, with amounts awarded varying dependent on quality of submissions.

The CEU bursary competition is open to eligible CEU members and/or close relatives of any member; as long as the CEU member is a member in good standing. Applicants must also meet the entrance requirements for their first year of studies at a post-secondary educational institution.

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