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How You Benefit From Your Union

Negotiating Rights

The Union provides robust representation in every round of Collective Agreement negotiations.

You receive transparent employment rights and obligations that are the same across the bargaining unit, without the need for you to individually negotiate the terms of your employment contract with the Employer.

You benefit from a comprehensive Extended Health and Dental Benefits Plan negotiated over the years by your Union—benefit levels which provide Members’ protection not afforded to others in BC.

You benefit from progressive wages (within the Public Sector framework); a defined benefit pension plan; paid and unpaid time off provisions; severance; and seniority-based lay-off clauses.

You benefit from a neutral, seniority-based hiring process in the collective agreement. This helps ensure hiring is not based on employer favouritism or non-job-related criteria.

You benefit from a Joint Return to Work Program which includes:

  • Access to two Return-to-Work Coordinators
  • Disability Wage Protection ie. red-circling rights for when you need to be accommodated into a different position due to disability

Standing Up For You

The Union stands up for you when the interpretation of the articles in the Collective Agreement are in dispute.

The Union defends you if you face workplace discipline, conflict, poor performance allegations, and other-issue and collective agreement–based situations.

The Union advocates on your behalf with the Government and Houses of Labour in BC and across Canada to advance your interests in our Province and economy.

Financial Benefits You Enjoy

The Union negotiates wage (within PSEC mandates); premium; and benefits provisions.

CEU funds Members’ Long-Term Disability (LTD) Appeals and representation of Members on WCB Benefits Appeals.

CEU Membership dues are some of the very lowest in BC and across Canada.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Compensation Employees’ Union!

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