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CEU Election By-laws and Procedures

CEU Prepares for Fall Election

This an odd number year, so as per the Constitution, elections for principal officers will take place in October, to fill the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The elected principal officers shall serve as part of the Executive Board, for a term of two years, beginning November 15, 2023.

Along with 5 Directors (elected in even number years), the principal officers represent the interests of all Compensation Employees’ Union members at discussions at the Executive Board and on matters regarding administration, policies, and financial decisions of the union.

Each principal officer has specific responsibilities as defined in Article 6 of the Constitution and By-laws of the CEU:

  • The President chairs meetings and acts as the union’s representative to all outside organizations.
  • The Vice President performs all the duties of the President if the President is unavailable.
  • The Treasurer is responsible to the Union for the accounting of all receipts and disbursements and reporting to the Executive Board and the Union on the state of the Union’s finances.
  • The Secretary is responsible for preparing and preserving all records of Minutes and Proceedings of the Executive Board, of the Union and any other proceedings.

In early September, the Secretary must issue a notice announcing the opening of nominations and the election schedule. These rules are spelled out in Articles 9 & 10 of the Constitution:

a. Nominations will open in September and must remain open for 10 regular workdays (Article 10 b).

b. Nominations close at 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the nomination period. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Secretary after (five) 5 members in good standing have signed each nomination.

c. Approximately five regular working days will be required after the close of nominations to prepare the online voting.

d. The voting period will be for 7 working days.

e. Results will be announced as soon as possible after the count.

f. The Secretary will ensure the Balloting Committee Members are available for required dates.

The Election Notice will show up in your email inbox, via a website update and, pinned to the office Bulletin Board, in early September. This upcoming notice will present the details of this year’s election, as defined in the Constitution and By-laws.

If you would like to run for one of the principle officer positions review Article 7 – Eligibility to Office which lays out the rules to be eligible for election to any office in this Union.

Other ways to participate in your union include becoming a Shop Steward, joining the Ballot Committee, attending union meetings, and by showing solidarity to your fellow members through supporting each other to use the new systematic workload reporting process.

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