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CEU Shop Stewards’ Welcome 14 New Faces to the Steward Role

Welcome to the 14 new Shop Stewards who were nominated and successfully acclaimed to fill the role of Shop Steward for the new term, beginning February 1, 2022.

New Shop StewardsArea
Alexis RatzBurnaby
Chelle WrightPort Moody
Emma ChristensenRichmond
Linda LaRoseKelowna
Joanne BronowskiPrince George
Courtney EhingerRichmond
Kelly BellezaRichmond
Cory HennesseyVictoria
Ashleigh CummerRichmond
Garima AggarwalRichmond
Jackie LawRichmond
Karin SchweitzerRichmond
Param MinhasRichmond
Kevin MorosoRichmond

47 Shop Stewards are on the Steward roster for 2022-2024, 33 are returning for another term bringing with them a vast wealth of knowledge to share with the new Stewards.

Shop Stewards play an important role in the workplace because they advocate for your rights, provide guidance interpreting the Collective Agreement and are ambassadors for the Union. They provide leadership by staying connected with the members to understand what is going on in the workplace and by working with the Executive Committee and CEU Business Representatives to address issues with management that arise out of the Collective Agreement. 

If you have any questions about the role of a Shop Steward please reach out to Shane Campbell, Chair of the Shop Stewards 

He is available to assist should you have questions about Steward duties, how to find out who the Shop Steward is in your department and general inquiries about the role.

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