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May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada

“Recognition, Resilience, and Resolve” is the theme for Asian Heritage Month 2021. This theme represents the myriad of sentiments that peoples of Asian descent in Canada have experienced and honours their contributions and their diverse stories which are rooted in resilience and perseverance.

Asian Heritage Month presents Canadians an occasion to talk about the Asian diversity of cultures and peoples and to appreciate the extraordinary contributions that communities of Asian descent in Canada have made and continue to make to our country.

It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the on-going challenges faced by Asian communities across Canada and to confront and denounce anti-Asian racism and discrimination in all its forms. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased anti-Asian racism and discrimination, and Vancouver alone reports incidents of anti-Asian hate rose by over 700% in the past year!

The rise in hate crimes targeting Asian communities is a call to action for all Canadians to come together to combat all forms of anti-Asian racism and discrimination. Let us celebrate the incredible diversity that is our strength and be resolute in our stand against all forms of anti-Asian racism and discrimination.

Here are a few ways to demonstrate solidarity and support:

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