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On the Road Again – Road Tour 2023

The CEU Executive is on the road again this summer visiting all the WCB offices.

So far, we have been to Kelowna, Kamloops, Nelson, Cranbrook, Nanaimo, Courtenay, and Victoria and next week we head north to Terrace, Prince George, and Fort St. John. In September we will be following up with the lower mainland offices and look forward to seeing you if we haven’t already.

We have received a range of questions and requests and heard many things we didn’t know about. The value of meeting with you face to face is a huge opportunity. Thanks to those showing up. We will work on a summary of issues at the end of the tour. We are also sending a survey to see what we can do better next time we come around.

Life on the road is certainly an adventure. We do all we can to be fiscally responsible so that means a lot of carpooling to avoid airfare costs (and less environmental impact) and as always, I thank the Executive and local Shop Stewards for their volunteer time around the tour. We have Stewards driving us and picking us up where possible and it is a huge learning opportunity for us as your representatives.

CEU President, Laura Snow

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