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Vaccination Appointment Leave

Recently CEU was able to negotiate an agreement with the employer whereby our Members may use work time to get their first dose of vaccine if the appointment given to them by public health or the pharmacy falls during their scheduled work hours. This agreement ensures job and wage protection when getting the vaccine during work hours. This agreement was announced last week in WSN News notifying Members that they will be allowed to use paid work time to attend their first dose vaccination appointment within regular work hours.

Following this agreement between the Parties, the BC Government announced that they will be introducing legislation to ensure BC workers have up to 3 hours of paid time off to receive their vaccination.  How much time each CEU Member will be granted (up to the 3 hours maximum) to receive the vaccine will depend on their work location; vaccination location; and scheduled work hours. Once you have a vaccination appointment, please contact your Manager, and request the amount of time required to attend the vaccination appointment, keeping the above factors in mind. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact a Steward, an Executive CEU Member, or, the Union Office at 604-278-4050 and ask to speak with a Business Representative.

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