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CEU Women and Gender Rights Committee

A couple months ago the CEU reached out to members announcing that the dormant CEU’s Women’s Committee was being revitalized. Since that announcement the Committee has been renamed the CEU’s Women and Gender Rights Committee (WGRC) to reflect the inclusiveness and interests of this committee.

The motive for getting the CEU’s Women and Gender Rights Committee going again is to support, and to give a voice to those who are facing the persistent issues that affect gender rights in and out of the workplace, issues which have only been highlighted by this pandemic.

The CEU’s WGRC met mid September to talk about gender inequalities, issues to investigate and report on and to discuss the Terms of Reference for the Committee. The issues discussed at the September meeting focused on domestic violence and childcare and ideas were exchanged on how the Committee may best support Union members in these areas.

The Committee is researching and reading about how other Women and Gender Rights Committees support their members and ask for your answer to the question “What are the issues and concerns you would like to explore?

You can email your suggestions to or reach out to one of the WGRC members:

Laura Snow, CEU President

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