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Statement of Intent put forth to investigate the development of RRII investment fund

During the CEU Executive’s meeting on September 16, CEU Treasurer, Michael Hess, introduced a resolution that the CEU investigate the development of a CEU Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative fund (RRII) to encourage Indigenous economic growth and development activities.

This resolution was unanimously supported by the CEU Executive for the following reasons:

  • The CEU values environmentally and socially responsible investing.
  • The CEU members live and work on many unceded territories of Indigenous People across British Columbia.
  • The objectives defined in Article 3 of the CEU Constitution, specifically (e), (g), (i) (j) support this resolution.
  • It is recognized that the problems this Union deals with are not limited to unionism or organization and collective bargaining alone – but encompass a broad spectrum of economic and social objectives.
  • Establishing a RRII fund supports #92 of the 94 Calls to Action recommended for reconciliation, and because,
  • Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiatives support Indigenous trusts in their efforts to steward their financial assets in ways that align with their values and contribute to building the Indigenous economy.

The next steps are to work with our Fund Managers and partners at SHARE to explore an RRII fund to align capital with the principles of reconciliation and to amplify investor voices in support of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action 92 addressed to the business community.

To be comprehensive and thorough, this will take significant time efforts. Further information on this resolution will be shared as updates become available in the year to come.

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