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Mandatory Vaccination Policy

The Employer announced that it is introducing a policy of mandatory double vaccination for all employees/contractors who, through the course of their work, meet/engage with injured workers and other members of the public in person.  The new Employer policy also requires WCB employees and contractors who enter any of the WCB offices to be double vaccinated.  The policy states that these affected employees must be double vaccinated by November 1st, 2021.

In response to the Employer’s announcement, CEU Executive and Staff held a lengthy emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the Employer’s policy and the likely effects on our diverse Membership.

Encouragement to the Membership

CEU encourages all of our Members to be fully vaccinated against the Covid 19 virus.  If you have not already attained full vaccination status, we would like to highlight the provision of the Employer policy that allows Members up to 3 hours of paid work time to receive a Covid 19 vaccination.  We have all witnessed the deadly effects of this pandemic in our home communities and abroad. 

CEU’s Expectations of the Employer

As is the case with all unilaterally imposed Employer policies, the Union expects the Employer to introduce policies within the constraints of the law.  Namely, Employer policies must be reasonable; the Employer must educate all Employees on its policies; and the Employer must apply their policies consistently and fairly throughout the entire Membership etc. 

CEU also expects the Employer to collect and safeguard Members’ medical information as per our Collective Agreement processes and the requirements of the applicable privacy legislation. 

Moreover, the Union expects the Employer to honour the BC Human Rights Code and the Collective Agreement rights of Members by accommodating workers who refuse the Covid 19 vaccine due to legitimate medical, religious and/or other protected grounds.  This Duty to Accommodate process must be conducted in accordance with the Collective Agreement to ensure proper:  representation of Members; proof requirements; and collection and maintenance of Members’ private information. 

Next Steps

If you are unable to receive the Covid 19 vaccine(s) due to a medical or religious reason (or due to another ground of the Human Rights Code), please:  1. contact the WCB Disability Management team to begin the Duty to Accommodate process; and 2. contact the Union Office at 604-278-4050 to discuss your individual matter with a CEU Business Representative. 

If you suffer any employment related consequence because you choose not to be vaccinated (i.e., as distinct from a doctor-supported medical restriction or a religious restriction with evidence from your religious leader), please contact the CEU Office immediately at 604-278-4050 to talk to a Business Representative so that we may do our best to represent you based on your unique situation and work environment.

The Union will tirelessly monitor the directions and procedures of the Employer to ensure that they are acting in accordance with the Collective Agreement and other laws.  CEU is committed to the health and safety of all Members, and to the fair representation of all Members. 

In Solidarity,

Laura Snow (she, her, hers)

CEU President

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