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Labour Day 2021

Though the pandemic has impacted the ability of unions, activists, groups, and organizations to gather in celebration of workers’ rights, a coalition of labour organizations continue to campaign to advance the rights of Canadian workers.

Currently, the focus of today’s labour movement is including Long Term Care (LTC) in the public health care system, implementing 10 days of paid sick leave for all workers, concrete action for justice for Indigenous people and communities, and programs that help people keep working, like a national Pharmacare program and $10/day childcare. The CEU supports these campaigns as we recognize the importance of social programs that help all Canadian workers.

The CEU has a voice within the greater labour movement through our affiliation with BCGEU which links us to the BC Federation of Labour (BCFed), the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), and of course, our national union, National Union of Public and Government Employees, NUPGE. This allows us to contribute and help build and improve the lives of workers not only employed at WCB but throughout the Province. 

Affiliation also gives the CEU a strategic advantage to reach organized labour on issues that are important to our membership. Your elected Executive participates on many committees at the BCGEU and BC Federation of Labour tables, amplifying our voice in the advancement of workers’ rights. The list of Joint Committees the CEU participates on is available in the Document Library in the Member’s Area of the CEU website.

This Labour Day celebrate all that workers and unions have achieved over the years. Appreciate how your hard work has contributed to the greater good of your community and country and to acknowledge the important role the Compensation Employees’ Union has played in ensuring your rights are upheld and continue to be advanced.

Enjoy your day of leisure!

Laura Snow, CEU President

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