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Mental Health Week – #GetReal About How to Help

Mental health is key to our well-being. We can’t be truly healthy without it. It involves how we feel, think, act, and interact with the world around us. Mental health is about realizing our potential, coping with the normal stresses of life, and contributing to our community. It may be more helpful to think of good mental health as thriving.

Good mental health isn’t about avoiding problems or trying to achieve a ‘perfect’ life. It’s about living well and feeling capable despite challenges. Mental well-being is bigger than the presence or absence of a mental illness. People who live with a mental illness can and do thrive, just as people without a mental illness may experience poor mental health.

Each of our paths to mental well-being will be unique. We all have our own goals, our own challenges, our own talents, and our own supports. But good mental health is in everyone’s reach.  If you notice that a friend, colleague, or family member may be struggling with their mental health, reach out to them and show empathy.

Consult the #GetReal toolkit on CMHA’s website for more guidance.

The Employer continues to offer access to a range of resources, including EFAP, which may be reached at 1.800.387.4765.

As well, the reimbursable amount of Psychologist/Counselling Services covered by your extended health benefits is up to $2,400 per calendar year for each member and their covered dependants.   

For medical advice on mental health concerns, contact a doctor or qualified professional. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis:

  • Go to the nearest hospital, or call 911
  • Go to the Canadian Mental Health Associations website for a list of resources:

Finally, and most importantly, bring empathy alive with the people in your life. Be there, listen completely, and see the world through their eyes. It’s how to really help. #GetReal.

#MentalHealthWeek. Get ready to #GetReal about how to help.  

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