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The 5 basic actions of Mental Health First Aid

This summer CEU Shop Stewards attended CMHA approved “Mental Health First Aid” workshop. This important workshop was delivered by certified facilitators from our friends at the BCGEU.

“This course offers valuable assessment knowledge as well as tools to assist others or even the Stewards themselves around mental health challenges” says CEU President Laura Snow. “With the membership interacting more and a general societal angst coming out of covid that we see in some co-workers and the clients we deal with on the phone, this Mental Health First Aid workshop provides the essentials as a physical first aid course would.”

During this two-day course Stewards learned about the 5 basic actions of ALGEE:

  1. Assess the risk of suicide and/or harm
  2. Listen non-judgmentally
  3. Give reassurance
  4. Encourage professional support
  5. Encourage other supports

The Stewards were excited to have the opportunity to attend one of the two-day workshops held this summer, gathering knowledge and tools that further develop their steward role. It was also an opportunity to come together to meet the new Stewards and to learn from each other.

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