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Stories from Camp Jubilee – Summer 2022

This summer 8 children of CEU members attended Camp Jubilee summer camp through the sponsorship of the CEU Solidarity Committee.

Vincent, Ryan, and Jayden sent the Solidarity Committee the following feedback from their camp experience.



“Camp Jubilee is a fun, exciting, and adventurous summer camp. Activities I did this summer at Camp Jubilee included camp wide activities (e.g., Capture-the-flag, Paint Wars, and many others), canoeing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, archery, slingshot, theme day, movie night, jamboree (dancing), and water gun fight. They served decent (but sometimes delicious) foods from breakfast to a snack at 21 o’clock. Activities that I enjoyed the most included slingshots, swimming, and water gun fight. At Camp Jubilee, I learned that when you leave your parents for a week, you will really miss them and kind of wanting to go home to meet them again. But the next time you come to Camp Jubilee, it wouldn’t be such a homesick experience at all. The first day should be a little stressing because you are away from your family, and you are likely paired with many strangers when the camp assigns you to a cabin. After the cabin selection, you will meet up with your cabin to spend the next week doing activities. Camp Jubilee was a fun camp that I would recommend to other people that are around my age.”


Dear CEU,

Thank you for sponsoring my trip to Camp Jubilee!  During my trip, we went canoeing, kayaking, and swimming in the lake on hot days, which is my favourite.  Each night we would gather around the camp fire to sing or preform plays at our cabins.  It was an amazing week of my summer filled with fun and excitement.


Dear CEU,

Thank you very much for the opportunity to go to Camp Jubilee!

I made many memories while I was there. We did many fun activities like archery, nature hike, canoeing, kayaking, skit night, camp-wide games, and shelter building. My favourite activity was a game called “Gaga Ball,” where you eliminate your opponents by hitting their legs with a ball. The last one standing is the winner. Out of all the games I played, I won 13 games. I also enjoyed playing basketball there because I got to learn some new tricks from other campers. It was “Theme Day” on the last day. We played with water guns and we all got wet. It was a lot of fun!

Overall my experience at Camp Jubilee was memorable. I learned to work and play with other campers and formed many friendships. I still keep in touch with the friends I made at Camp Jubilee on Discord. Thank you.

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